Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet my Family...

Mom and Dad… They are very interesting. I hang out with dad most mornings and at lunch. I have started this thing where I just bark my head off in front of him. He has no idea what is going on. It is quite comical. Mom on the other hand is the first home every night. Sometimes we got to the park and other times we just wait for Dad to get home. They get into these strange fights where they will yell at each other but then just start laughing. Are they really fighting or what? The other day my mom decided it was a good idea to run into the morning room (no idea why they call it a morning room when they hang out there all different times during the day) and throw the couch cushion on the floor because she was cranky. Dad just laughed at her. I didn’t mind, it was another bed on the floor for me.

Grandma…Dad’s Mom. She is a pretty cool lady, even though she doesn’t move very fast. She gives me lots of treats and loves to come see me. She blames me for being the reason her knee hurts so sometimes I have to give a barking fit like I give Dad and Mom. Mom and Dad take me to visit her quite often and I like it.

Aunt Stef…Dad’s sister. Aunt Stef used to come over all the time and play with me when I was a puppy. I see her once in a while when I am over grandma’s.

Uncle Benji…I am not sure where he is from. He looks a lot different than Mom and Dad and they seem to make fun of each other a lot.

Some others that I see or don’t want to see…Grandma and Grandpa (Mom’s parents), Nala (Mom’s parents dog that attacked me as soon as I laid foot in the house), Uncle B (haven’t seen him for awhile), and Aunt E (she always talks on the phone with Mom and Mom feels the need to have her say HI to me every time)

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